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Key Feature for Custom Hair-Extension Boxes

With age, cosmetic industry has evolved manifold. New concepts of beauty and beauty-enhancing products have come to the market. Hair-extensions is one of the fastest growing beauty accessories in the industry. It is a well-understood fact that storing and transporting these hair-extensions is a delicate job.

Marketing and popularising a brand, partly hinges on the presentation of the product. The presentation of these hair extensions in attention grabbing boxes is essential. When custom boxes cheap cost is available all the better. There are a variety of awesome designs to choose from.

Single solid colour boxes

Using a single solid colour is sure to grab a customer’s attention. You can opt for splashes of contrasting colours along the edges or at the corners. This design of packaging gives an elegance to your product. With your customised logo, it’s sure to run off the market shelves into customers’ shopping cart.

Hair extension colour boxes

Customers look for easy shopping experience. It would cost their precious few minutes in knocking their brains to find out what colour the hair extension is. Instead, you can help them out by providing boxes that reflects the hair extension colour. You can print your custom logo and tagline in an aesthetic fashion too.

Brightly coloured boxes

To be funky and fun, you can go for splashy colours for the box design. With proper colour combination, this will be a sure hit with the younger generation. This can be used for multi-coloured hair extension products. Using appropriate colours in contrast is sure grab eyeballs. Naturally, eager hands tend to place them in their shopping cart from the shelves.

Extra toppings

With a few more twists on the design of your packaging, you can see your sales skyrocket.

  • Clear windows – A clear window either in the front or the top is a easy way to see what’s inside and prompt customers to buy your product.
  • Metallic printing – For solid color boxes, metallic printing in the form of embossed logo and product name is a sure winner.
  • Extension shade indicators – Representing the shade of the hair extension on the box is a economical way to save cost on expensive packaging.
  • Image printing – When you have an image of a model wearing the product on the box, it will make the buyer confident in his purchase and sales will peak.


With the right sense of design and ingenuity, boxes can augment the sale of your product. You have a wide variety of choices that will suit your creativity, business acumen and your finances.


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